In 1983, Langdeng Enterprise was established in Hong Kong, the city known as the Pearl of the Orient as well as one of the four Asian dragons. With strategy, grace and wisdom, Langdeng Enterprise has created legends over legends, and has written a glorious chapter of uniform process in a new era.

At present, Langdeng Enterprise consists of two divisions: a Hong Kong based advanced design and planning department and a specialized production base of more than 10 million square meters located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Langdeng has more than 2,000 highly qualified employees, who remain committed to the high efficiency team spirit: work together and bring out each other’s strengths to make up for their weaknesses. Such spirit generates the amazing productivity  of 2 million sets of ready made garments annually.

Working conscientiously for decades, Langdeng Enterprise has won a variety of great honors both at home and abroad, which are as follows: National Advanced Textile  Collectives, State Inspection-Free Product Quality, China’s Famous Brand, Chinese Market Selling Brand, China’s Top Ten Influential Brand, International Standard Product Marking Certificate, International Wool-mark, National Industrial Production License. In addition, Langdeng Enterprise has passed and gained both IS09001 and IS014001 quality system certifications, and has been awarded titles as follows: Famous Trademark in Guangdong Province, Famous Brand in Guangdong Province, Best Brand in Hong Kong, Top 100 Garment Enterprise in Guangdong Province, Trustworthy Enterprise, Best Quality Uniform (Business Wear)Enterprise in Guangzhou. For many years, Langdeng has gained credibility from major commercial buildings as Market Leader and Best Business Partner.

So far, Langdeng Enterprise has established branch offices in more than 10 cities across the country, and has set up counters and specialty stores in more than 300 large commercial buildings. As for overseas markets, Langdeng’s high-quality products have been sold to regions like Europe, America and Southeast Asia and are well received by customers.